Settled by the Baltic Sea, Lithuania has always boasted strong-willed, diligent and hospitable people. Lithuanians had a liking for palatable and filling meals during cold winters and after physical toil. And three main regions, having different nutrition habits, have survived till nowadays: Western Lithuania, Central Lithuania and Eastern Lithuania. Anyway, the cuisines of all the regions are dominated by potato, cereal, flour and dairy produce dishes mainly seasoned with animal fat. Already back in the 15th century, dukes and noblemen enjoyed national dishes as well as exotic overseas meals. And presently, too, some unique products of foreign countries are appreciated due to their nutritional value and curative qualities. In Lithuania the principles of wholesome nutrition are gaining in popularity, therefore the consumption of vegetables, fish and lean meat has greatly increased and animal fat is willingly replaced with vegetable oil.

“A sound mind in a sound body” is the concept of life-style and nutrition culture brought to every Lithuania’s kitchen by the Lithuanian wholesaling company Anira together with olive oil, olives, wine vinegar, the marine as well as other wholesome gourmet products.

Registered in 1995, Anira is the official trademark of products imported by the company. Established by two families, the company pursues the principle to supply unique, certified products to all the national retail trade outlets and the Ho. Re. Ca. sector. Anira holds exclusive rights to import products from the majority of suppliers. The company is innovation-orientated and quickly responding to market changes. It is regularly searching for new partners. All the products are tested at the Lithuanian National Veterinary Service; consequently, the company supplies its clients with products of irreproachable quality in ecological packaging marked with Green Point.

Anira makes major investments in search for supreme quality products intended for wholesome nutrition as well as in the analysis of national customers’ demands. Anira, a steadily operating enterprise, is importing premium quality cold pressed oil of various olive species, pumpkinseeds, peanuts, soybeans, maize, grape seeds, wheat germs, sunflower, and sesame seeds from the Mediterranean region and South America. These oils are ideally suitable for both the traditional Lithuanian cuisine and the multi-national cuisine, which is rapidly developing in the country.

In an attempt to find partners and being grateful to clients’ loyalty, Anira is concerned not only with new and exotic products but, primarily, new traditions of nutrition culture and better quality of life, the health of future generations as well as prosperous and civilised society capable of choosing the best.

Svetainėje naudojami slapukai, kurie padeda užtikrinti jums teikiamų paslaugų kokybę. Slapukus galite bet kada atšaukti. Daugiau

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